How To Have a One Night Stand: 10 Tips For Proper Booty Call Etiquette


Casual encounters can be fun, and finding the perfect match with whom to have a one night stand can sometimes be challenging. If you look at the right places and if you’re smart, it won’t be that hard. Naturally, women would like to be very careful when it comes to relationships, they are protective of themselves, taking more time to test the waters, wanting to build trust before finally making the plunge. But when it comes to having casual encounters, they can be flirtier, more seductive, even taking the lead to subtly suggest to you that they are game. Understanding when a woman is ready for a one night stand is important, and there are ways you can make it even more successful and fun.

1. Read the woman’s feelings


“Try to understand her intentions”


There are certain situations that can rouse a woman to want to be with a man. Some women will get turned on when they attend a wedding and see couples deeply in love. Some women hang out in bars when they are experiencing the peak of “heat”, and the urge to have sex can be strong they are ready to go out with anyone. Understanding when a woman gets interested in you is important, but you’ll need to read her well, and read her fast. With one night stands, you’ll need to move faster than you would if you were trying to build a relationship. So, feeling the woman’s desire is very important. You’ll be able to know it from the way she flirts with you. You’ll see the spark in her eyes, you’ll see the pupils dilate; she’ll fluster, bite her lips, be more revealing. You should make the move the moment you sense the connection.

2. Make the woman feel comfortable


“Make her feel comfortable”

Even if it’s going to be a one night stand, you want to make the best of it. People often go on a one night stand to get a feel of something new. Making the woman feel comfortable with you will increase the chances of getting her to bed faster. You can start the evening by asking her out to dinner. Create an ambiance where she’d feel relaxed and comfortable. Make her laugh. Do not be so much obsessed with the idea of getting her to bed. You may scare her. Go slowly, prepare her and help her build interest slowly.

3. Move around with Her


“Take her to different places and let her enjoy”

Visit a few places with her; make reasons to move from one bar to another, discover different places with her. By getting her out of your initial point of encounter, you’re preparing her to accept change, and open up more. Exploring places with the person with whom you want to spend a night with introduce an element of excitement which can pull her out of her comfort zone. A change of scenes and scenarios will help her loosen up, and when you invite her to go home with you, it will come naturally. You’ve already made her get use to going around.

4. Flirt More with Her: It Keeps the Flame

You’d need to be very tactful. Flirting is not just about talking sex. Look her in the eyes, and tell her she is gorgeous, and pretty. Fill her with compliments, but make her feel that you are not a cheap guy who just sleeps with anyone. If the situation permits, start touching her; hold her hand. You’ll need to be very smart, and you’ll need to make the move when you discover that she shows signs of interest. If you plan to have a one night stand with someone you already know, then flirting over the phone or in a chat room can create the right mood for this. Once, you have set the mood, It’s time to put your one night stand tactics to test. In order to have a one night stand, it’s important that you use these specific one night stand tactics to maximize your chances of getting lucky.

5. Use Online Chat Resources to Spice it up

Online dating sites are the best places to look for women who like to have a one night stand. Some women will come out plainly and tell you what they want if they are on the phone or chatting with you. You should be able to read the signs and know when she is hot and wants to get laid.

6. Being Cautious Is Very Important

If your partner for the one night stand is someone you’re meeting for the flirt time, then it is important to know where you bring her. You may not feel comfortable bringing a stranger over for the night. It is important to determine that it will happen only for the night, and make sure she understands that you do not have plans of taking it beyond the night. It is part of courtesy setting the cards on the table and being open with this. You’ll lack respect, set up expectations and hurt her if you use sex as a promise of a future relationship.

7. Introduce Something New

If you plan to hook up with someone you already know, like a friend or a colleague, you may want to introduce something new in the way you relate with the person. If you’ve been used to hanging out around the coffee shop and working together, you’ll get her interested by getting out of that normal environment. Ask her to dine with you somewhere with a more romantic touch to the setting; you can also visit a night club or a bar. A little wine can lighten the heart, but do not get completely boozed up especially if you want to keep fit throughout the night.

8. Don’t Make Her Fall for You


“Don’t dig a hole that you can’t get out of”

By making it clear that it is just a one time thing, you’ll be doing yourself a great favor and your partner as well. The one night stand is often about being adventurous, daring, discovering, but most of all, it is all about fun and sex. If you do not want to commit, then you’ll need to choose the location very carefully. It might not be a wise idea bringing her home if you do not intend to share your life with her. Choosing a neutral setting, like a motel or a hotel can be very preferable. This will help in that she’ll not want to go home anytime she feels like having sex.

9. Prepare well for the night

You want to make the best of your adventure, but you do not want to run any risk as well. Whether she is someone you’re meeting for the first time or an old time friend, there are many reasons to take the necessary steps to protect yourself. Carrying a condom with you always will help you avoid adding bastards on the streets. Always think about possible things that could happen; she can become pregnant or you can get infected with an STD if she has it.

10. Protect Yourself and Your Partner

Although you only plan to have a one night stand, it is also important to think about the safety of the person you are having it with. Just because it will last just for one night doesn’t mean you should treat the person without respect. The person will be risking her life, her health, and a lot to trust you, and you have the duty to live up to that trust. If you have frequent one night stands or occasionally hook up with just anybody, it is important to let your partner know. It’ll be noble to let her know if you have an STD; this could be a sign of respect. You’ll be committing a crime if you consciously have unprotected sex with someone, knowing that you suffer from STD.

One night stands can be real fun especially if you hook up with the right people. Creating the ambiance that can make the person feel comfortable is very important, but it is more important if you share the same ideas, and have a certain connection. The bottom line would be never to give hope of building a long romantic relationship especially if the one night stand is intended just for fun. In that way, no one gets hurt or disappointed.

Apple VS Android VS MS Mobile – Differences

In the long history of mobile device development, there have been many operating systems developed that operates mobile devices such PDAs, tablets and smartphones. Usually when we talk about mobile operating system, this is the system that controls touchscreen, video camera, music player, digital apps, Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS navigation, video recorder and other features. Without the mobile operating system, the mobile device would just be a piece of junk.

When mobile device development is mentioned, only three operating systems would come out on top – iOS, Android and MS Mobile. These three big names have already captured 93% of the smartphone market and continue to expand on other mobile devices. To those who are not into mobile operations, these operating systems might look similar but actually there are many differences. Here are some of the differences between the three operating systems:

  • iOS – this is the operating system developed by Apple company intended for their mobile devices that include Apple TV, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. This operating system was derived from Mac OS X and was eventually named iOS. In the initial development, third party software was not supported. Because of this “jailbreaking” was often rampant on the early stages of the release. This allowed third-party software to work in the mobile device. iOS is a closed operating system and all the apps supported by the OS are distributed exclusively by Apple and their partners.

  • Apple, Android

    Apple, Android

  • MS Mobile – in the race for mobile device supremacy, this was Microsoft’s attempt. Microsoft developed this operating system for their smartphones and mobile PCs. However, MS Mobile was eventually discontinued and replaced with Windows Phone. Just like iOS, this is a closed and proprietary operating system that is distributed by Microsoft. It also integrates some of the Microsoft services such Bing, Xbox Live, Xbox Video, Xbox Music and many more. It also allows users to access their Google and Facebook accounts.

  • Android – unlike MS Mobile and iOS, this operating system is open-source and free. This is the most common operating system installed in many mobile devices because it is free. Apps in this operating system have been developed by many people and can be downloaded without paying anything. Google continue to develop and make major releases. Third party software can easily be installed in mobile devices running Android, because these are all supported by the operating system. Even if iOS dominates the smartphone devices, Android has been installed in almost all other mobile devices.

Google Android Mascot Concept

Google Android Mascot Concept

These are the main difference between iOS, MS Mobile and Android. These are the most popular operating systems in the mobile devices today. By knowing the features, strengths and disadvantages of each operating system, this will help users decide which mobile device to purchase. Do you want a mobile device that has a closed operating system or do you want to go for a smartphone that can support third party software? The answer would depend on the user and will surely be based on the information listed above.

Do’s and Don’ts in Breaking Up and Dealing with the Ex-Girlfriend

Not all ex-girlfriends are the kind that you still want to deal with, at least in a positive way. Some ex-girlfriends are just what they have to be, an “ex”. Still, others are worth keeping as a friend; for whom you can still run to for comfort and advice. But no matter what type of ex-girlfriend you may have now, it is still best to follow the unspoken rules in dealing with them. You sure still want to be remembered as a gentleman, right?

Here are the Do’s and Don’ts in dealing with your ex-girlfriend:


1. Still treat your ex-girlfriend with respect. Do not call her names when talking about her with your friends.

2. If you just had a bad break-up, let it settle down for a while, until she’s calm about it, before taking the initiative to apologize for what happened. This is a good opportunity to give her back the respect she deserves and you, to redeem yourself by being the guy that broke her heart.

3. Without leading her on, try to give the impression that you welcome the possibility of both of you becoming friends. When both of you are able to do this, it makes moving on to a new relationship much easier as there is no excess baggage to worry about. Hopefully she too will welcome the idea.

Breaking Up - Dos and Don'ts

Breaking Up – Dos and Don’ts


1. Resist the temptation to contact her if it will only lead to post-break up arguments. Some men have no idea that calling on a ex-girlfriend who is in a middle of emotional recovery only adds more pain. If she wants space, then respect that space and freely give it to her.

2. By giving her space, this also means resisting the urge to find out all her whereabouts. This might just lead you to feel a bit jealous of how she chooses to get on with her life after your break-up. Instead wait for the proper time that you can both talk comfortably, and that asking for what makes her busy will not appear prying on your part.

3. Don’t kiss and tell.

4. Don’t voluntarily return the things she gave you unless she asks for it. No matter how you wish to throw her stuff away, remember that she took time and saved money so that she can give you those presents. Besides, she gave it to you at the time when things are going well with both of you. If you care enough to respect the giver, then it’s not that hard to respect the gifts. If you really must, just dispose of them discreetly.

ON'T forget that breaking up

ON’T forget that breaking up

Dealing with your ex-girlfriend need not be a difficult experience. No matter how badly your relationship turned sour, she was still once the woman you fell in love with and decided to spend special times with. If you’d be gentleman enough to still give respect to her post-break up, you’re sure to receive the same amount of respect in return.

Three Tips On How To Become An Effective Leader

Good leadership doesn’t just happen overnight. It’s a long process, and a person who would like to achieve his or her full potential in becoming leader has to be willing to make adjustments, do a lot of sacrifice, and accept criticisms so they can use it to their advantage. It takes a great deal of time and effort, and there are a lot of people who quit along the way because it’s too hard, who set aside their goals for something easier, not staying long enough to reap the fruits of their labor. This is why we would like to give you three tips to stay in focus so you can achieve your dreams. You have to start somewhere, after all. Keep on reading to find out what they are.

Practice Flexibility

Ambition is hard. But to take the road in order to achieve that is much harder. There are too many twists and turns… long roads that lead to nowhere – dead ends. It’s a bit poetic but it’s the truth. There is no straight road that leads to your ambition. You have to equip yourself with flexibility towards life’s challenges. Make yourself pliable to every obstacle. The twists, turns and dead ends represent the constant changes you will surely encounter along the way. Train yourself to think fast on your feet, to think outside the box. There are way too many demands and they’re all just going to get heavier as time goes on. Make yourself pliable to change, to inconsistencies, and differences in personality. You can’t expect everyone to agree with you, but as long as you know how to take it all in stride, there is no other way to move but up.

How do I become an effective leader, knowing both what our employees

How do I become an effective leader, knowing both what our employees

Aim For Reaction, Inspire For Action

Respect is earned, not given. How many times have we all heard of that before? Well it only becomes more blatant once you’ve become a leader. You’re not just in charge of operations. You’re not just there to give orders and to let your subordinates know who’s boss. It’s about inspiring others to do their duties, so that they, too, can achieve their full potential. It’s about building goals with them and actually making it happen. And there’s no other way to do that than by making them realize how important they are to the team, and how their work isn’t just a job, but a means to enrich every aspect of their lives and to build more goals. Recognize and encourage. One day, that will all come back to you.

Manage Tasks By Promoting Cooperation And Trust

In the end, it’s all about handling responsibility with a firm hand, but without grasping it too tightly. This is important if you want results that will make a huge impact to you, your team/department, and the whole company. A good solid outcome has to be able to increase the money coming in, and the money going out. All companies are ultimately working towards this goal, and sometimes it’s the pressure of stakes like that, stakes too high which make it harder for a leader to not run a tight ship. It doesn’t matter what the goal is, delegation of duties need to be based on trust, as well as holding yourself and each person accountable for its outcome. You’re still a part of the team after all, and not just the leader.

Effective leadership often

Effective leadership often

The Art Of Increasing Your Running Distance

Running on a daily basis is considered one of the top ways to maintain good health. It neither needs expensive equipment nor extra physical labor to achieve the goal of a healthy mind in a healthy body‘. The benefits of running are countless. For instance, it clears your breathing tract by increasing the inflow and outflow of life saving gases such as oxygen and carbon dioxide. Likewise, it stretches your muscles and helps lose calories for a perfect shape around the perimeter of your tummy, hips, or thighs. The motive of weight loss is significantly accomplished by running for at least 20 to 30 minutes every day. Usually, it is advised to run in a natural environment during early morning hours than that on a treadmill. First, the treadmill doesn’t solve your purpose of inhaling fresh and healthy air. Second, it is not affordable to all classes of people. Therefore, you must try to inculcate good running habits, which ultimately assists in improving the overall health condition. However, it has been found that beginners are not able to increase their running distance over a considerable period of time. There are several mental and physical factors that affect it. But, you can always work hard to improve this condition through these 3 simple steps:

a.)Maintain a constant speedRunning distance is vastly affected by your speed. You cannot run for a longer duration or larger distance at a very high speed. That is why sprinting is concentrated to shorter distances in sports. There is no doubt that it increases metabolic activities, but at the same time, it tires you at a rapid rate. The speed should be convenient enough to allow you to talk without any considerable effort. If you are panting, then it surely means that your pace is too high and it will not allow you to reach the destination. You can also combine running with walking. This will help you to relieve tension in the lower body muscles for a small period, which will act as a recovery period from physical stress. Beginners should comply with this advice because the initial stamina has to be gradually developed; and it can only be achieved through consistency.

If you're trying to increase

If you’re trying to increase

b.)Don’t forget to warm up – When you commence the process of running, your muscles are mostly strained. The tightness in your leg and back muscles should be relieved through simple stretching exercises. You can easily adopt a convenient schedule to work out for at least 10 minutes before hitting the treadmill or road. It will significantly improve your stamina; and ultimately, your running distance.

c.)Make your mind work harder than your body – Generally, runners are not mentally strong. They start to feel the need to stop after running for a small period. It happens not because their body fails to respond to the increasing demand. It is their mind that asks them to come to a halt. You can try to force your mind to run a little further by simply practicing mind games and meditation. You should learn to control your mind in a comprehensive manner. Additionally, you can change your route at regular intervals to avoid any unnecessary distractions.

Training to increase run

Training to increase run

The Negative Repercussions of Bad Credit in Your Life

Many of you do not pay much attention on your credit scores. You thoughtlessly create debts without you realizing that your credit score is already plummeting. Having a bad credit score can really affect your life as a whole. A lot of companies these days look at your credit score, even when you’re only applying for a job, much more when you’re applying for a loan. You may have messed up one aspect of your life (debt management specifically) but this can affect its entirety. Before your credit score consequently plunges and become a bad one get yourself acquainted with the negative repercussions of a bad credit.

High Interest Rates

Lending money to someone with an awful credit score entails so much risk. So as to defy all the stakes involved, companies need to increase the interest rates which let you end up paying higher than someone with a good credit score. Now, if you don’t want to experience this you better be watchful of your credit scores.

Rejected Loans

Nothing can be more disappointing than a declined loan application especially when you’re in dire need of money. When you have an existing bad credit record, there’s a huge chance that your loan application would get rejected simply because banks and other lending companies would not be willing to lend you money because of the massive risks involved.

How To Raise Your Credit Score

How To Raise Your Credit Score

Difficulty Finding a Flat/Apartment

Remember that you only have a bad credit record and you’re not some criminal on the loose. However, there are certain instances that landlords would check your credit record before they let you rent a flat or an apartment. Duh! Frustrating, isn’t it? But this is reality and this can happen to you if you have a bad credit record.

No Cell Phone Contract

What’s worst than not having a cell phone these days? The majority of us communicate through our cell phones but when you have a bad credit reputation your mobile phone application could also get rejected. If not, you’ll have no choice but to opt for the prepaid one in which phones are usually more expensive. The worst case scenario would be you ending up without a phone.

Difficulty Getting Employed

Having a bad credit reputation may certainly wreak havoc in your life. You’ve only messed up with your credit management and that does not make you a bad person. However, there are employees who also do a background check (including your credit record) especially if you’re applying for a job in the management and finance industry.

Your credit score is your life

Your credit score is your life

A bad credit record has the tendency to lead a series of unfortunate events in your life. Now you’ve realized how much trouble a bad credit can cause your life. Learn from these things so you’d be more mindful of your credit record to prevent a bad credit from interfering with your life.